Light Switch Repair, Durham, NC

When you have flickering lights, warm switch plates or other issues, you’ll want to call the experts in for light switch repair.

Have you ever moved into a new apartment or home that had a light switch that seemed to do nothing? While some switches like these are simply mistakes in the installation that were never fixed, there are other times in which a previously functioning light decides to stop working altogether. When that happens to your Durham, North Carolina home or business, we want you to call our team here at Brian Electric, LLC for a qualified electrician to help you with your light switch repairs.

Light Switch Repair in Greensboro, North Carolina

Needing light switch repair is actually a very common issue that we see here at Brian Electric, LLC. Even though light switches are small and don’t always seem like they need the expertise of electricians, the fact of the matter is that, small or not, light switch repairs deal with electricity that can cause painful shocks, burns or even fires when not handled by experienced electricians like ours. For this reason, we recommend always hiring a qualified electrician when you need a light switch repair.

Before calling for a light switch repair, there are a few things you can do to determine if the problem is with the light switch or somewhere else in the circuit. For example, if the lights are flickering or not coming on at all, you could check the lightbulb to see if it has come loose or burned out. You should also be aware of where your fuse box is and check your fuses. If your troubleshooting turns up that there is most likely a light switch in need of repairs, then you should always call an electrician like Brian Electric, LLC! Contact us to learn more about our services today.