Ceiling Fans, Durham, NC

Ceiling fans have more benefits than keeping you cool on a warm day!

There are a few creature comforts that many of us enjoy having in our homes. Whether it’s a warm blanket when we are watching movies or lighting a sweet-smelling candle when we are stressed, some things just aid in making the environment we live in more comfortable. Here at Brian Electric, LLC, one of the things that we care for and install frequently for our clients in the Durham, North Carolina area is ceiling fans. Ceiling fans can be an essential component of living in Durham because they can circulate cool air once it starts to really heat up outside, but they have other benefits as well, including:

Ceiling Fans in Greensboro, North Carolina

  • Aid in sleep– Studies have shown that people sleep better in rooms that are slightly cool. When you are overheated, it’s hard to fall and stay asleep. Ceiling fans can help keep cool air circulating around you, helping your sleep patterns.
  • White noise- Ceiling fans are a great source of white noise, which can block out other noises in the house or outside. Some people enjoy listening to fans so much that they will seek out fan “songs” on the internet when they are sleeping away from home.
  • Good for new infants– Having a ceiling fan in the room of a new infant gives them a cool sleeping environment and white noise, both of which have shown to help infants feel more comfortable sleeping on their back.

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