Your House Wiring is Trying to Tell You Something-- Are You Listening?

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Whether you own your home or are currently renting a place, many of us will focus on things like square footage, flooring materials, closet space, and natural light before we will even think about the house wiring! Unfortunately, far too many of us adapt the “out of sight, out of mind” mantra when it comes to house wiring, which can lead to dangerous results. Your house wiring might be trying to tell you something right now, but are you listening to the warning signs?

faulty house wiring are less obvious but equally dangerous

Something that every person, renter or owner, needs to be knowledgeable about is when the house was built. If it was built prior to 1940, there is a good chance that you have what is known as knob and tube wiring, which breaks down and represents a very high chance of fires. While knob and tube wiring was phased out during the 40s, older homes should always be checked by a professional electrician to examine the home wiring.

Other signs of faulty house wiring are less obvious but equally dangerous. Things like the older, two-prong outlets are a sign of outdated wiring. That third prong represents the grounding wire, which is an important and crucial safety feature. Something else you might notice is that you have a lot of overloaded plugs or extension cords. Older homes weren’t built with modern appliances in mind, and insufficient house wiring can lead to overloaded circuits and problems.

There are many things that can indicate a problem with your house wiring. Please call us here at Brian Electric, LLC to find out if any are present where you live.