How to Determine if Your Old House Needs New House Wiring

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Older homes are known for their solidly built structures, character features like built-ins or crown molding, and quite often, poorly done house wiring! Whether your home is 30 years old or 130 years old, house wiring has changed and evolved over time to make our wiring safer and more secure. Unfortunately, many “upgrades” of house wiring are done incorrectly or not done at all. So how can you determine if your old house needs new house wiring? Let’s explore.

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First, you’ll have to start paying purposeful attention to your wiring and electrical outlets. While this might seem silly, a lot of things that people pass off as the quirks of an older house can actually be red flags of wiring problems. Things like two prong, non-grounded outlets, hot outlets or scorch marks can all be signs of danger lurking within your walls.

Second, you’ll need to check out your fuse box and electrical box. If you are constantly needing to change a fuse on a certain feature, that could signal improper or overloaded wiring. Additionally, if your electrical box looks older, has too many wires for the capacity or looks anything less than neat and tidy, an electrician should take a look.

Finally, and oddly enough, if you have physical signs of a rodent problem, you should check your wiring. Rodents, especially rats, are able to fit into spaces much smaller than themselves. They also like to chew on the casing of electrical wires. Consider signs of rodents a sign to make sure your electrical system is still safe!

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